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Customized Tours & Overnight Tour / Sérsniðnar ferðir

  • We are proud to be a small family operated company that offer unique tours, where we focus on offering tours off the beaten path, to our most favorite areas in Iceland. Over the past 30 years we have slowly developed all of the tours we offer today, traveling together as a family, creating tours that suits all levels of fitness, from families with young children up to professional athletes and mountain bikers.

    We offer a great variety and possibilities of customized  and personal day tours, overnight and multi-day tours. Whether you like to take a more relaxing and easy trip in the countryside, or take on a more challenging adventure, we have something for you! We will create the ultimate trip for you, customized to the group, focusing on unique and true Icelandic experience. We can travel into 5000 years old lava caves, cook full dinners or lunch in a hotpsrings, bath in multiple hotspring, mountain bike on fun single tracks with the lava under our wheels, hike with beautiful scenery and up to secret mountain peaks, snorkel with salmons, drive super jeep over challenging volcanic surroundings, easy sightseeing, jump off cliffs into cold water, bath in caves and waterfalls and allot more possibilities.

    Everything can be arranged; transport, food from start to end, accommodation and offcourse an english speaking guide. We can either plan the whole trip for you or if you like to travel part of the trip with us and then the other part on your own, then we can assist you with that as well, so you get the most out off your trip in Iceland.

    We can either focus on one thing or mix many options together so you will get to experience more varieties and more locations, we will also be able to set the phase of the tour depending on your whishes.
    • MTB Mountain biking    - option with Easy/Medium/Hard
    • Hiking     - option with Easy/Medium/Hard
    • Super jeep
    • Lava caving
    • Glaciers
    • Sight seeing
    • Kayaking
    • Surfing
    • Horseback riding
    • Zip lining
    • Snorkel with salmons
    • Jumping off cliffs into cold rivers
    • Bathing in secret hotpsrings up in the highlands of Iceland
    • Camp on remote locations with no one around
    • Use the hotsprings to cook our food, breakfast/lunch/dinner


  • Hafðu samand við okkur og við sérsníðum ferð fyrir hópinn þinn, dagsferð eða nokkra daga ferð með öllu inniföldu!
    • Fjallahjólaferðir
    • Gönguferðir
    • Brimbrettaferðir
    • Fjallaskíðaferðir
    • Hellaferðir
    • Jeppaferðir
    • SUP Paddle board ferðir
    • Flugu stangveiði
    • & flr. möguleikar. 
    Einnig hægt að blanda öllum þessum möguleikum saman í eina nokkra daga ferð þar sem hvert ævintýrið eftir öðru tekur við í ferð þar sem gist er á hótelum, tjöldum eða skálum og allur matur og útbúnaður bíður eftir okkur á mismunandi stöðum. 


  • Whether you want one day of activity or several days we would be happy to help you find a good and conveniently located accommodation if you don´t have one booked already. We can point out or book for you hotels, guesthouses, apartments or private cabins with hot tube located in the country site. If we are doing an overnight tour then we can include a mountain cabin or unique camping locations as we travel through the highlands of Iceland.

    Accommodation, staying in Reykjavík or in the country site? We are located in a small town, called Hveragerdi, 40 minute drive East from Reykjavík. You can stay the whole time in Reykjavík and we can pick you up there every morning and drive you back each evening and you will have good selection of restaurants close to your hotel. If you stay in our town, Hveragerd, or close to our town then you will save yourself around 1,5 hours of sitting in a car each day as we will be located closer to most of the activities and locations we offer. We usually recommend to stay the first or last 1 or 2 nights in Reykjavík so you can explore the city and then stay in Hveragerdi or close to our town more into the south coast the next nights to minimum driving time.

    Camping, Let us know if you are interested in camping and enjoying the Icelandic summer night which can be amazing experience and we will be able to choose the spot we camp on depending on the weather and will have a plan B with indoor place to stay if the weather is not ideal. It is good to know if you like to mix the trip up staying some nights in a tent and some night in a warm accommodation. We also have the option of staying in trailer on some location.